RYBEL CUT – The Statement Label

Creativity and especially that form which is expressed through touchable artwork is an important part of the RYBEL CUT spirit. Art has the ability to incorporate a subliminal message in a unique way and can therefore express different statements to the world. It does neither know limitations and restrictions, nor right or wrong. It is timeless and always special. Art touches people in different ways and can lead to a new way of thinking – AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT.

We want people’s attention for topics that pop up from time to time, a perennial issue or currently important to get out. Starting with the respective STATEMENT of the campaign such as #FREETHEWEED, we look for incredible Art that supports our statement in a creative and unconventional way. The combination of Upcycling Fashion and statementART brings the campaign’s message to life and out to the World!

Wladi is our first Artist who presents his Artwork on our UPCYCLING STATEMENT SERIES.

His collection “ANASCHA” has inspired us right from the beginning and is obviously the perfect match for our campaign #FREETHEWEED.  And thats why:

„My series ANASCHA includes works on paper, canvas and other materials. To create the painterly-ornamental surface of these paintings I use letters of the Russian alphabet A (A), H (N), Ш (SCH). The combination of these letters results in the word АНАША. This means „hashish“ in Russian. The lack of round letters reminds of a kind of cuneiform script. The multiple repetition of this word gives my pictures an interwoven, carpet-like character. The letters and words are merely picturesque ornamental patterns. Their meaning is subjective.“

Wladi spends most of his time in his atelier to create his special artwork. But he is also an entertaining partner for conversation, especially in a comfy setting with a glass of wine. 

Want to know more about Wladi? What inspires him and where his artwork comes from? Then check out the Video below.

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