RYBEL CUT – The Statement Label

We are CHARLY & KATHRYN! Two extroverts, each of us in our own way. We look at the world and feel the power of change. We are here to bring out the good spirit of life, the awesomeness of being together but also to hunt down injustice and sweep the dust up from under the rug. We believe in all of us and are not afraid to take a risk in order to follow our vision of cutting all the fucking bullshit in the world.

At an international accounting firm, where both had worked at the time. It is funny that we did not like each other at the beginning and then suddenly discovered that we have the most amazing time by being crazy together. We both had a quite similar journey in life: Grown up in small cities in Germany, studied business and worked in multinational companies. It seemed to be the perfect path of life in a world, where being successful means a lot for your position in society. But we always knew that this is not enough. This is not who we are. We were always the ones who were swimming against the stream, did things differently than others and were mostly questioned for that. But against all the headwind, we took the step to quit our job in order to start something completely different, something special, something with purpose.  


Usually people start their own company, when they already have certain products or services in mind. With us, of course it wasn’t going to be that easy. With our heads full of ideas, with a vision as wide as the ocean and a curious, critical but yet optimistic view towards life, we knew our company had to be bigger than just one product, bigger than just one service. So what kind of company did it have to be? A special one, a kind of creative agency, where we would have the freedom to combine unconventional concepts through different channels and ways to bring the good spirit but also a critical worldview to life. So first, so that not everyone would call us crazy, we needed a name for it. So damn.

RYBEL CUT was born.

Since then, we already mastered an adventurous journey. Starting from interviewing inspiring people, shooting campaigns to shortclip creations and streaming events during the corona crisis. We also went through different stages of prototyping, looked for the most sustainable way for our statement fashion collection and set a whole new look for RYBEL CUT.

And now we are here with the perfect concept based on all we travelled through, from the beginning till NOW. We are THE STATEMENT LABEL and everything we do is connected to our Statement CUT THE BULLSHIT. And we are more than ready to shout our Statement out to the World!


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